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Professional Services Collective


The Professional Services Collective at 51st Associates, LLC offers various outsourced solutions for professional associations, organizations and corporations to grow, expand, and maintain a business and professional edge in an economical manner. Our team of resources within our organization and the relationships we have with others is numerous. Collectively, our team of professionals can provide a spectrum of services to each client at a fraction of the cost of employing each resource at full or part-time employment. We provide a coordinated effort to walk each client through the various steps of growth – from inception to routine. We eliminate the hassle that associations often encounter when faced with issues of managing growth. Our team provides you with growth under one roof - under one management team. Please ask us about these services and what we can do to help your business grow.

  • Government Relations and Lobbying

  • Association Management/Membership Development

  • Public Outreach/Grassroots Advocacy

  • Education/Event Management

  • Funding & Fundraising

Government Relations and Lobbying


Collectively, our professionals have over 80 years of experience in working with state and federal legislative and regulatory bodies and with all branches of the Pennsylvania government and administrative agencies.  The relationships built and the experience attained has positioned our team as trusted resources to elected and administrative officials. Services include the following:

  • Monitoring daily, proposed legislation, rules and regulations that are pending or prospective

  • Providing face-to-face representation of client interests with all other governmental agencies

  • Providing written summaries and commentaries on pending legislation, resolutions and regulations

  • Writing and producing testimony and position papers

  • Drafting and preparation of proposed legislation and regulation

  • Developing "political action committees" and advising on structure and effective utilization

Association Management/Membership Development


Our team understands the needs and obstacles that face professionals. Through our understanding of association management, we know how to build, manage and grow an organization specifically tailored to each individual group's needs. On top of making each client financially successful, our team has successfully managed membership meetings, board meetings and other activities for members to maintain member participation and enthusiasm. Our particular strength is in building coalitions and strengthening relations with similar entities. We educate, motivate and advocate. Services include the following:

  • Developing, implementing, and maintaining national or statewide "grassroots" communications

  • Identifying and coordinating third-party advocacy

  • Scheduling and management of regular executive board or general membership meetings

  • Communicating regularly via telephone, fax, and e-mail to association and committee members

  • Developing, distributing, and maintaining newsletters and other forms of regular communication

  • Membership development/new member prospecting and solicitation

Public Outreach/Grassroots Advocacy


Influencing the course of legislation often requires more than knowing to which committee a bill is likely to be referred or what sort of influence a key sponsor has in his or her legislative caucus. Winning a significant legislative battle increasingly depends on shaping public opinion and mobilizing key constituencies. We can help with both, and in a cost-effective manner. Depending on the issue, we can help:

  • Educate and organize members of key interest groups to contact their legislators;

  • Coordinate contacts with journalists and leaders to shape public debate on a significant issue; and

  • Raise public awareness of important issues through judicious use of advertising and editorials.

Education/Event Management


Our firm has particular expertise in managing programs, meetings, receptions, seminars, and other educational events and conferences. Many of these events require us to schedule speakers and obtain corporate sponsors. Along with the educational value of these events we generate a positive net income from them for our clients. Services include the following:

  • Event planning & development of professional workshops

  • Membership meetings & educational programming for clients

  • Planning, coordination, and scheduling of regular board meetings and other

  • Maintenance and development of a comprehensive database

  • Event and activity marketing

  • Financial management, event registration, billing and collection

Funding & Fundraising


Our team has secured funding in all ways possible to help our clients grow and mature into the organization they envision. We have intimate knowledge of the budget process and various other sources of capital available through departments and funds, foundations, and other investment groups. Our services includes:

  • Securing and monitoring funding sources and funding opportunities

  • Corporate Sponsorship & Strategic Partnerships

  • Membership dues and expense invoicing and collection

  • Record keeping in conjunction with funding

  • Alternative sources of revenue

Our partners offer the benefits of years of experience gained from previous positions. We are an equal opportunity employer and are members in good standing of multiple professional organizations.